Indiana State Police Putnamville Post and Illinois State Police Effingham Post Plan Special Patrols to Provide Safe Roadways This Thanksgiving

“Operation Slow Your Roll”

The Thanksgiving holiday is traditionally one of the busiest travel periods of the year. Indiana State Police Putnamville Post along with the Illinois State Police Effingham Post will be combining efforts during this holiday season.  Both State Police Posts will have extra Troopers assigned to special patrols on Interstate 70 in order to provide safe roadways during this busy time of the year. The Indiana and Illinois State Police want to remind all motorists about the importance of driving responsibly.  Troopers will be aggressively monitoring the interstate for moving violations, dangerous and impaired driving, driving while distracted, failure to move over, and for those drivers and passengers not buckling up.

The Indiana State Police Putnamville Post and Illinois State Police Effingham Post encourages everyone to do their part to help reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities over this holiday period. Please drive responsibly and get to your destinations safely!

Troopers are encouraging all motorists to obey these simple safety tips:

  • Ensure you are well rested, especially if you have plans to travel a long distance. A fatigued driver is a dangerous driver and often mimics the driving behavior of an impaired driver.
  • Avoid driving distracted. Please don’t use your cellphone while driving.
  • Avoid “hanging out” in the left lane on multiple lane highways.
  • Always follow other motorists at a safe distance.
  • Obey all speed limits and use your turn signals.
  • Move over for stopped emergency vehicles.
  • Ensure everyone is buckled up.
  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • If you have plans to consume alcohol, please ensure you have a plan to get you and your family home safely.





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