Nothing Says “Thanks” like Donuts and a Personal Note From the Staff at Edinburgh Correctional Facility

Edinburgh, Ind. – To show support and appreciation to the medical staff at Johnson Memorial Health, the staff at Edinburgh Correctional Facility collected donations for the COVID-19 Unit at Johnson Memorial Health in Franklin, Indiana. The donations were used to provide the Johnson Memorial Health staff donuts and personal thank you note showing support and appreciation for their efforts in the community to fight COVID-19.

Johnson Memorial Health is the local hospital Edinburgh Correctional Facility uses for staff and offender medical emergencies that require immediate hospital care.

Warden Bryan Dobbs Stated, “The staff at Edinburgh took it upon themselves to find a way to show appreciation for the Johnson Memorial Health staff, which just goes to show what great staff the facility has.”

Picture Edinburgh Correctional Facility Caseworker Shannika Salinas helps with delivering treats to the Johnson Memorial Health COVID-19 Unit staff.
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