Indiana Department of Correction Recognizes its Frontline Heroes

New Castle, Ind. – There is a certain amount of bravery needed to work behind the razor wire of a Correctional facility and the employees of the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) have that and more. This week the Department decided to honor those who are facing an invisible threat – those that are assigned to the units where offenders are isolated due to a positive test or suspected symptomatic for COVID-19.

These Frontline Heroes have stepped up during this Pandemic and are going above and beyond the call of duty. Many have volunteered to work on these units knowing the risks they are taking. These individuals were honored with a goodie back of healthy snacks as well as a personalized card signed by a member of the IDOC’s executive staff.

Whenever possible, the Wardens, Deputy Wardens, and Major as well as members of the Staff Development & Training staff were on hand to personally show their appreciation to each of the nearly 500 Frontline Heroes when the items were handed out.

The IDOC continues to find ways weekly during these unusual times to reward and recognize the hard work of its employees.


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