Harris Hall Focuses on Community Sharing & Caring for the 2020 Putnam County 4-H Fair

The Putnam County Harris Hall Committee has met and determined that for the 2020 Putnam County 4-H Fair we will be focusing on community sharing and caring.  Although details of the various virtual activities have yet to be finalized, the goal will be focusing on sharing our agriculture and horticulture knowledge and skills with the community and those who could use some cheering up.  Please know this decision was not taken lightly, but was a great idea as a way to comply with the Purdue University social distancing requirements and the Indiana Back on Track Plan. We recognize that this is a tough year and not what we anticipated, but we hope that everyone looks for additional information about our community sharing and caring in the coming weeks and considers participating.

We also hope you join us for our normal Harris Hall exhibits in 2021!

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