Branchville Honors Veteran Staff for Years of Service

Branchville, Ind. – Warden Kathy Alvey recognized three veteran staff, Lt. James K. Allen, Sgt. Noel Harpenau and Secretary Joanie Flamion for 30 Years of Service with the Indiana Department of Corrections and Branchville Correctional Facility.

JK AllenLt. James K. Allen began his career at Branchville on May 14 1990, as a custody officer. Lt. Allen has served all 30 years of his career in custody inside the fence at Branchville.  He was promoted to sergeant on June 2, 2012.  As a sergeant, Allen often could be found manning the Office in Charge (OIC)  post inside a residential dorm or program building.  Allen was promoted to Lieutenant on January 14, 2019.  As a Lieutenant, his knowledge and experience are often sought out by those he supervises and works beside.  Leadership, attention to detail and awareness of those around him make him a valuable member of the custody department.

Sgt. Noel Harpenau began his career at Branchville on May 14, 1990 as a custody officer.  He has served his entire career in custody at Branchville.  He was promoted to Sgt on September 19, 2004.  Harpenau, has the added responsibility of being the facility locksmith.  He is often seen inside Branchville fence carrying out his duties with professionalism many strive to achieve.

FlamionJoanie Flamion began her career at Branchville on May 21, 1990, as a Clerk Typist.  Her attention to detail and discretion are two of the reasons she is highly regarded by those who work with her.   Flamion, has worked within  different departmental teams and administration posts, both inside and outside the Branchville fence.  Flamion currently is the Secretary for the Office of Intelligence and Investigation (I&I).  Her attention to detail, discretion and organizational skills are instrumental in assisting in investigations and intelligence analysis.

Warden Kathy Alvey stated, “Combined, this is 90 years of experience. You don’t often find this type of experience and service everywhere. These staff members have made a career in Corrections. Branchville is better because of them. Each one has shown tremendous dedication and has provided outstanding job performance. What an achievement for all. Congratulations.”

Lt. Allen, Sgt. Harpenau and Ms. Flamion,  Thank you for your service to all at Branchville Correctional Facility!

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