Pendleton Correctional Facility’s Lt. J.C. Jackson Raises the Bar

Pendleton, Ind. – Pendleton Correctional Facility Warden Dushan Zatecky is proud to announce the presentation of the Courage Award to Lt. J. C. Jackson.

When we think of having courage in a prison setting, we think of responding to larger scale incidents.  Lt. Jackson is the epitome of a correctional staff person who responds when the call for assistance comes, but he also encompasses courage by going beyond what is expected, setting a higher bar of expectation for himself and being proactive in lieu of reactive.

Lt. Jackson is a Unit Team Lieutenant responsible for offenders in Protective Custody in a hospital setting and for offenders with special care needs. Offenders in these settings require a higher level of attention to their everyday needs, which Lt. Jackson attends to in a professional manner with minimal need for supervisory assistance.

Other duties Lt. Jackson oversees include facility pest control within the 33-acre walled facility, as well as the outside dormitory, and other buildings to include facility residential housing.

“In all, Lt. Jackson is not a supervisor who needs to be directed or monitored.  He holds himself to a higher standard of work performance, but is never too busy to step in and assist a fellow staff member., said Warden Zatecky.  “Energy, fortitude, and yes, courage is what it takes to elevate oneself to the level of Lt. Jackson’s skills, abilities and determination.”

Courage Award Recipient Lt. J.C. Jackson

Courage Award Recipient Lt. J.C. Jackson

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