The Correctional Industrial Facility Donates 1800 Masks to Community

Pendleton, Ind. – The Correctional Industrial Facility (CIF) recently donated 1800 masks to the  local Veterans Administration and area nursing homes.

For the last several weeks CIF offenders have worked manufacturing close to 6,000 masks. First they manufactured 4000 masks for the offender population as well as all staff members at the facility. After this necessary quota was filled the focus shifted to assisting the community. Offender workers from CIF’s American Legion, Indiana Correctional Industries Furniture Shop, and the facility’s tailor are all working to churn out as many as possible.

Warden Wendy Knight commented, “These men have worked extremely hard and recognize the importance of these masks and how they hinder the spread of COVID-19. Pairing these masks along with sanitation and communication creates a powerful weapon against this pandemic.”


Correctional Industrial Facility’s tailor manufacturing masks.

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