DDRS follow-up to Indiana Back on Track announcement

Governor Eric Holcomb announced Indiana’s path to get Indiana Back on Track. As we embark on the next part of this extraordinary journey, the Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services is committed to continuing its efforts to work collaboratively with individuals, families, providers, case managers and staff.

We also remain committed to focusing on the division’s COVID-19 Goals:

  • Help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep people alive
  • Operationalize flexibilities
  • Provider network maintained
  • Empower person-centered decision-making for self-advocates, families, case managers and providers

To that end, we are working with INARF and the Arc of Indiana on recommendations and suggested practices for safely “re-opening” those parts of our service system that were suspended during this time. We will also be sharing guidance for preparing to thoughtfully and methodically return to our usual practices.

Please know – consistent with our COVID-19 goals – “re-opening” for our system will not be a swift process and current COVID-19 guidance and flexibilities remain in place. When it is safe to do so, it is our intent to work deliberately with our stakeholders to transition out of these flexibilities.

Stay tuned for updates and guidance through DDRS announcements, our regular BDDS provider and case manager webinars and our social media.

Thank you to all of our stakeholders for your continued hands-on and coordinated efforts during this time.

The DDRS is a program of the Indiana Family & Social Services Administration. If you have questions about DDRS programs and services, visit us online at www.DDRS.In.gov

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