Governor details plan to reopen Indiana

We are currently in stage 1.

Stage 2 – May 4

May 11: Lake and Marion counties — May 18: Cass County

(Local governments can impose guidelines that are more strict than the state recommendations)

  • People who are 65 and older along with those having high-risk health conditions should stay home.
  • Everyone is encouraged to wear face masks in public.
  • Social gatherings can be up to 25 people as long as there is social distancing.
  • Essential travel restrictions will be lifted.
  • Remote work encouraged to continue wherever possible.
  • Manufacturers, industrial operations and other infrastructure that has not been open to date – can reopen.
  • Half of BMV branches will reopen Monday with more in the coming weeks – appointment only.
  • Public libraries can reopen.
  • Retail and commercial businesses will be allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity.
  • Shopping malls may open at 50 percent capacity with indoor common areas at 25 percent capacity.
  • After a county has been in Stage 2 for one week, personal services like hair salons can reopen by appointment only and with social distancing.
  • After a county has been in Stage 2 for one week, restaurants can reopen at 50 percent capacity. People will need to sit at small tables and not at the bar.

What remains closed in Stage 2

  • Bars and nightclubs.
  • Gyms
  • Community centers
  • Venues including: sport, fairs, theme parks, movie theaters, bowling alleys, wedding, funeral, etc.
  • Basketball courts, playgrounds, water parks and swimming pools
  • Adult day cares remain closed through May 31
  • Casinos
  • Campgrounds
  • K-12 and other educational buildings
  • No visitors to nursing homes or funerals

Religious services

Beginning May 8, religious services (statewide – no exceptions) may convene inside places of worship. Updated guidance will be coming.

A religious service will need to comply with social distancing – seating spaced apart. it is recommended for people to wear face coverings.

Churches will not be subject to the 25 person social gathering limitation.

They are encouraged to conduct as many activities as possible virtually and potentially add more services to allow for smaller groups.

Stage 3 – May 24

Marion, Lake and Cass counties will continue on their delayed timeline.

A series of other locations and businesses will be able to reopen at this point.

  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Playgrounds, tennis courts, other facilities
  • Movie theaters at half capacity
  • Retail stores and malls to 75 percent capacity
  • Social gatherings of up to 100 people

Stage 4 – June 14

Marion, Lake and Cass counties will continue on their delayed timeline.

More businesses will be able to open and larger gathering will now be allowed.

  • Social gatherings up to 250 people
  • Retails stores and malls at full capacity
  • Dining room services to 75 percent capacity
  • Bars and nightclubs can open at 50 percent capacity
  • Cultural entertainment and tourism can open at 50 percent capacity (Including zoos, museums, etc.)
  • Sports venues and amusement parks at 50 percent capacity

Stage 5 – July 4

Marion, Lake and Cass counties will continue on their delayed timeline.

The state will begin to open sports venues and other large facilities.

Fairs and festivals will be allowed.

Retail and restaurants can function at full capacity.

Restrictions will be lifted at amusement parks, water parks, etc.

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