Updates to First Steps’ COVID-19 policies and additional resources

First Steps had made the following updates to First Steps’ COVID-19 polices:

Providers and provider agencies must keep a log of the families being served by video, phone or with a home program. This is for audit and quality review purposes and providers will not be responsible for collecting family signatures on the log. Microsoft Excel or a comparable product is preferred.

Providers must document their location when providing virtual visits on the face-to-face sheet/ session documentation. If a provider is uncomfortable using his or her home address, the agency’s address may be used. An updated face-to-face sheet is attached. Note that this face-to-face sheet is not required to be used, but the same information is required to be documented.

Additional resources added to First Steps policies webpage:

Frequently Asked Questions
A frequently asked questions has been added to the policies page. Please note that things are changing on a daily basis under the current circumstances—we appreciate your patience and flexibility and encourage you to continue sending your questions and concerns to firststepsweb@fssa.in.gov. The FAQ will be updated as appropriate.

Family consent and technology checklist
The family consent and technology checklist documents are now available in Spanish. Thank you to Molly Cleek and Kids Only, Inc. and Lily Osborn with 1st Kids / the cluster C SPOE for their assistance.

A resource on teleservices for home visiting from our friends at Infancy Onward is now available.

Please note that our office is also compiling a resource list / library and these resources and those listed above will be posted on the First Steps policies webpage.

Thank you for your continued dedication to Indiana’s families.

The DDRS is a program of the Indiana Family & Social Services Administration. If you have questions about DDRS programs and services, visit us online at www.DDRS.In.gov.

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