The Coronavirus is especially dangerous to older Americans

For the past seventy years, the National Council on Aging (NCOA) has been a trusted partner and advocate for older Americans. The novel COVID-19 corona virus disproportionately affects adults over the age of 60 and NCOA is committed to keeping older adults informed and empowered about how to keep themselves and their loved ones safe and healthy during this viral epidemic. The potentially deadly effect of the corona virus on older Americans gives urgency to this PSA campaign to educate your community on best practices to protect themselves and loved ones from this virus. These PSAs link to the latest information from NCOA and other experts pertaining to seniors and COVID-19. We appreciate the opportunity to provide accurate, trustworthy and timely information on this public health threat to your local listeners and community through these PSAs.


Additionally, our experts are available to discuss the latest developments on COVID-19 on your public affairs or news shows. If you have any question about this PSA campaign or would like to request an interview with an NCOA expert, please call or text  202-709-2474 or email

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