January 2020 City Council Meeting Recap

On Thursday, January 9, 2020, Greencastle City Council met for their first monthly meeting of the year with the newly sworn in Councilmen. First up on the agenda was Public Petitions and Comments, where a resident addressed the council with concerns over the recycling bins being removed. Mayor Dory explained recycling is dependent on the market and many communities have lost recycling centers due to lack of call for recyclable items. He also stated that residents who have lost their recycling toters can still bring their recyclables to the transfer station for recycling. The City is currently working with Republic to resolve the issues with recycling and they will be sending out mailings with more information. It was also stated that the contract with Republic is up November 2021 and waste management prices are likely to go up, as Greencastle is contracted at a low rate that is mostly unheard of in other communities.


A representative for the Greencastle Music Festival addressed the council concerning the ShamRock 5K, stating they would need certain roads closed for safety and other locations would need to be on a “rolling closure,” meaning the roads would only be temporarily closed when runners come through the intersection. Council agreed to allow the Greencastle City Police to use their best judgement and work with the Greencastle Music Festival committee on closing the roads and keeping City Council informed of the decisions and changes.


During Department Reports, it was stated that the park improvements will be completed this year, a reminder was also given about the upcoming Park sponsored events Such as Winnie the Pooh day and the Lego Food Drive. Greencastle Parks and Recreation are also willing to accept or adopt Lego brand or off brand building blocks to be used in future events for children at future Lego themed events.


The Greencastle Park Pool has begun recruiting lifeguards for the 2020 summer session, applications can be picked up at Greencastle City Hall. Councilman Dave Murray brought up concerns over lifeguard pay, stating that Greencastle pays some of the lowest wages for lifeguards, especially when they have the enormous responsibility of keeping swimmers safe. He suggested the City look into increasing wages to not only keep the lifeguards that return each summer, but to also attract new lifeguards. It was agreed that possible solutions would be presented at the Park Board meeting on January 23, where Rod Weinschenk, Park and Recreation Director, hopes to announce the winning bid on the final park restorations pieces.


During Reports, Mayor Dory stated Locust Street should reopen in the coming week, with only occasional closings due to large equipment. He also stated the City was currently putting together a list of sidewalk projects and that he feels the City is close to finalizing details for the Y project [YMCA].


The Buzzi letter many residents received was brought up, the City is not concerned. However, they will investigate further to ensure there is no danger to the residents since the letter was written in heavy legal jargon and was hard to understand.


Putnam County acquired Operation Life ambulance services. Council is hopeful to see improvements made to response times as the ambulances will be repaired or replaced.

Kristen Clary of the Putnam County/Greencastle Development Center addressed the Council in hopes of renewing the contract the Development Center has with the City. Council agreed to renew the contract as the Development Center works with businesses to ensure the community has adequate resources for employment and other concerns.

The City Council Meeting adjourned just before 9:00 pm.

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