On Wednesday, December 18, Putnam County Hospital Board of Trustees and CEO, Dennis Weatherford held an anniversary lunch to celebrate milestone anniversaries.  The lunch started with a prayer lead by board member Rob Mann.  The guests enjoyed prime rib, shrimp, and sides.  All of the food prepared by the PCH Dietary Team.

Among the recipients were Dr. Keith Landry, celebrating 15 years with Putnam County Hospital.  Dennis Weatherford said, “Dr. Landry could not fit into this community better.  A very big thank you to 15 years of service.”  He went on to speak about how much support Dr. Landry gives to PCH through different committees while being a dad to a teenage daughter and a second grade son.  “We appreciate the time and commitment that Dr. Landry provides to the hospital,” Weatherford went on to say.

Celebrating 20 years was Dr. Robin Mendhelson from Putnam Surgical Specialties.  Dr. Mendhelson, an orthopedic surgeon, has dedicated so much to Putnam County Hospital.  Dennis Weatherford thanked her for her years of service and dedication to the hospital.  “Dr. Mendhelson chose a slightly different path from New York to Miami to Greencastle, Indiana,” Weatherford added.  Putnam County Hospital is blessed to have Dr. Mendhelson as part of the organization.

Celebrating 30 years was Millissa Cash and Mary Keck.  Millissa is part of our pharmacy department and Mary is in our emergency room.  Celebrating 40 years of service was Surita Grassick and Lou Fordice.  “Surita is the quickest tech in the Midwest,” co- worker Kim Freeman said about Surita.  Lou Fordice, from Putnam Pediatrics and Internal Medicine was on hand to receive her 40 year pin.

Dennis Weatherford concluded the luncheon by saying, “Thank you for all of the efforts that you put into 2019.  It was a successful and busy year.  We look forward to see what 2020 bring.”

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