Putnam County Food Drive Competition


The local Indiana National Guard has issued a canned food drive challenge between the Junior and Senior Classes of North Putnam, Greencastle, and Cloverdale high Schools starting on Monday, December 2 and ending Friday December 13. All the donations will go to that school’s area food bank and the top producing school will receive a pizza party. So, gather your canned goods and help out the local juniors and seniors in your area to earn a yummy pizza.



This will be a challenge between the Junior and Senior Classes of North Putnam High School, Greencastle High School, and Cloverdale high School.


START DATE: Monday December 2, 2019

END DATE: Friday December 13, 2019


The TOP PRODUCING SCHOOL will receive a Pizza Party at a date to be determined.


Let us each strive to help the community in which we live this holiday season. That is the mission of the Indiana National Guard: We work, We train, We serve where we live.

SGT Frank H Gardner

Greencastle Armory

Indiana National Guard Recruiting Team

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