Putnam County Hospital Acknowledged by Centers by Medicaid & Medicaid Services (CMS) as Exemplary

Putnam County Hospital and its Primary Care Clinicals received Exemplary Practice Designation for its participation in the Practice Transformation Program.

Partnering with Purdue Healthcare Advisors (PHA) Putnam County enrolled in the Great Lakes Practice Transformation Network (GLPTN) in 2016. Through this program, the health system participated in initiatives aimed at moving the system toward value-based care. To do so, the organization tested new initiatives, successfully reported to CMS programs, improved patient services, and worked to improve internal work processes.


Exemplary Practice Designation

To achieve designation status, the organization completed a variety of milestones. First, the organization accomplished tasks required to reach phase 4 status through the Practice Assessment Tool (PAT). The PAT was created as a playbook for practices to use to help in their journey towards value-based care. Overall, the PAT has 27 milestones. Putnam County met at least 25 of these milestones. With high-level themes such as person and family centered care, continuous data driven quality improvement, and sustainable business operations, the organization thrived working within the Practice Transformation structure.

“The PAT Tool really helped guide us in alignment with CMS,” said Jane Littiken, Physician Practice Administrator.

Through the program, Putnam County physician practices are becoming “Lean.” A quality improvement mechanism, Lean aims to decrease waste in an organization. Waste, meaning, any unnecessary processes or resources. As many Putnam County departments already have become Lean trained, creating a Lean culture in the practices, on every level, maximizes time and effort utilized. Ultimately, this leads to even better patient care and more efficient facilities. Currently, Lean is being introduced and spread throughout all ambulatory clinics.

Another project Putnam County introduced during Practice Transformation is the Primary Care Mental Health Integration program (PCHMI). PCHMI uses “behavioral strategies to help enhance physical health while being delivered during a primary care visit.” Recently, CMS has made efforts to encourage practices to integrate behavioral health and primary care for more comprehensive care for patients.

“This is another example of Putnam County getting a head of the curve,” said Derek Kendrick, Quality Senior Advisor, Purdue Healthcare Advisors.  “Leadership is really positioning the organization to meet all the needs of its patients.”

The second component for their recognition was their excellent quality performance per the Merit – Incentive Based Payment System (MIPS). MIPS program request that health systems report on quality measures to ensure maximum care for patients. Across six quality measures, Putnam County scored in the top tier of practices national wide. An outstanding feat, considering there are several moving pieces to accomplish this goal. From medical assistants, to providers, to information technology, to director of quality, all entities must move in unison to maintain high quality scores and standards. Quality measures Putnam County scored exceptionally include Hemoglobin A1c, colorectal screening, and documentation of medications.

For all their efforts, with the PAT, Clinical Measures, Lean, and other initiatives CMS and Purdue Healthcare Advisors celebrate Putnam County Hospital




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