Clovers fall to Martinsville

At Fox Cliff
Martinsville          177
Cloverdale           217
Martinsville – Bryce Cole 41, Weston Hank 44, Bradley Costin 45, Zayne Spangler 47, Adler Duncan 48, Sam Hixson 48
Cloverdale – Michael Holsapple 48, Wyatt Helterbrand 52, Kyle Thomas 58, Cody Morris 59, Josh Allen 64
Clover coach Doug Wokoun Comments: It was extremely wet, and the course made a late decision to allow us to play. We were glad to get the opportunity, as chances of a make-up at this point are not very good.
Having said that, playing on the last day of school was more of a distraction than we could overcome. Everyone had some flashes of good play, but concentration and consistency were big problems. Adjusting to wet conditions and slowed greens provided a strong challenge.
It would be easy to look at scores and say we suffered a big set-back, but it seemed that much of it was situational and not systemic. Wyatt and Michael battled through some rough stretches, but also had some good holes. Both did some very good things but just didn’t sustain through nine holes.
Kyle had a couple of very good efforts, but also had some struggles. He has reached the point where he is starting to expect good shots, which is half the battle. But he is still fighting a lack of experience that all young golfers must confront. Cody was very frustrated, and rightfully so. He has been doing some very good things, but he allowed some adversity to mushroom. Josh likewise is fighting consistency, which only comes from perseverance and hard work.
Cloverdale (5-9) plays in the North/South tournament at Oak Tree in Plainfield on Tuesday.
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