Racial slurs found in DePauw dormitory


Just a few days into a new semester at DePauw University, there are growing concerns as several racial slurs have been found written on campus.

A racial slur written along with the phrase “gone home” was found in a bathroom inside Hogate Hall.  A separate incident was reported in which a paper with a racial slur was attached to a door inside the same dormitory.

Students at DePauw University are concerned that the school is not taking action to discover who may responsible for these acts on campus.  The growing consensus among some students is that the University needs  to take a stronger stance and send a message that they denounce the recent displays of hate speech.

These recent incidents come after several reports of hate speech found on or around campus last year.  Students marched and protested last year, even calling for the removal of University President Mark McCoy.

Ken Owen, a DePauw University spokesman, said that a campus alert was not sent out because the message did not “threaten anyone.”  It was also noted that the it is difficult to identify who may be responsible for the writings in the bathroom due to lack of surveillance.

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