Burnett Facing Federal Charges


28-year old Anthony Wayne Burnett is now facing federal charges that could lead to a mandatory minimum 10 year sentence according to federal guidelines.  Burnett, or Fillmore, Indiana was arrested following a traffic stop in July, 2017 near Reelsville.

During the traffic stop, it was discovered that Burnett was in the possession of 116 grams (or about 4 grams) of methamphetamine.  Burnett was arrested and charged with dealing in methamphetamine, a Level 2 felony, and possession of methamphetamine (28 grams or more), a level 3 felony.   He is now looking at federal charges of possession of methamphetamine exceeding 50 grams.

Burnett was set to enter a guilty plea at a sentencing hearing on Wednesday, but failed to meet some of the pre-sentence requirements.

The case will be turned over to federal custody and arraigned before a U.S. district court judge.

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