Putnam County Playhouse Opens with ‘Annie” June 7


The Putnam County Playhouse opens it’s 57th season this week with the famous musical “Annie”.  The productions of the popular musical sponsored by Hopkins-Rector and Bittles and Hurt funeral homes will take place June 7-10 and June 13-16.  The June 10th performance will take place a 3 p.m., all other performances will start a 8 p.m.

Tickets are $10 and can be reserved by calling the box office at 763-5880 Monday-Saturday from 5-7 p.m.  It’s recommended to reserve tickets early, as some performances are already sold out.

Crawfordsville fifth grader Emery Jane Allen will be performing in the title role of orphan Annie.  Other leading roles will be Ric McFadden as Oliver Warbucks, Miss Hannigan played by Shelly McFadden, Andrew Ranck and Meghan Armitage as Rooster hannigan and Lily St. Regis, while Chris Wurster takes on the role as Drake, the major-domo and Lisa McCoy will be Grace Farrell.

The musical is directed by Caroline Good and will be under the vocal direction of Erik Foster.

Sarah Bond, assisted by Joshua Saul Bain and Fiona Good, is credited with choreography.  Scenic design and painting is by Linda Gjesvold.

Amy Tharp is the Pit conductor adn pianist for the musical, with Morgan Asher, keyboard; Tim Good, trumpet; Adam Eaton, trumpet; Dede Schwomeyer, percussion; and Tom Maher, bass guitar in the orchestra.  Sarah Ryan, Devin Huff, Michaela Semak, Dustin Bond, Scott Armitage, Jay Prewitt, Amanda Henry, Bryson Worman, Jack Randall Earles, Dianna Baysinger, Ruthie Mann and Aubree Whicker will also make appearances in featured and ensemble roles.

Gaven Bingman, Alex Foster, Robin Schneider, Paige Kaiser and Julie Collenbaugh are ensemble members who will be playing multiple roles if the upcoming musical.

Lulu and Vixen are two canines that will be featured in the stage play.

Leading orphan roles will also be played by Charlie Hall, Sophia Shelton, Ellie Henry, Bailey Boggess, Abby Foster and Sadie Henry. Featured orphans include Jocelyn Gardner, Penny Cummings, Eleanor Knuth, Hallie Homler, Chloe Gardner, Sawyer Case, Catherine Ryan-Shager, Lillian N. Welch, Elyse Ensley, Angel Rasner, Kathryn Kempf and Lara Schneider.

Production stage managers are Mason Allen and Noah D. Pettit. Assistant stage manager is Cameron Wunderlich. Conner George, Becca George and Grant Pettit are also working backstage. The technical crew includes Darvell Burger, Haley Wilson, Grace Elmore, Sarah Nowling, all working under the direction of Craig Armitage and Dustin Bond.

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