Traffic Signal Install “Green-lighted” for June 4


A traffic signal install at the intersection of State Road 240 and Percy Julian Drive in Greencastle is set to begin on or close to June 4.

The current stop signs at the four-way stop implemented in 2010 will be replaced by the new traffic signal.

The target completion date for the project is currently June 25.  The new Greencastle Community School Corporation bus barn is also nearing completion not too far away on the south side of State Road 240.

The project should be a welcomed relief to the traffic congestion from nearby factories such as Walmart Distribution Center and Heartland Automotive, as well as Ivy Tech and the Greencastle High/Middle School complex.

A roundabout was another idea considered to help traffic flow.  In addition to the heavy semi trailer traffic, cost was a factor in not utilizing the roundabout concept.

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