Putnamville Correctional Facility Recognizes Caseworker Kieran Goodman as Employee of the Year

– Warden Brian Smith and Putnamville Correctional Facility (PCF) are pleased to recognize Caseworker Kiran Goodman as Employee of the Year. Caseworker Goodman is highly respected by both his peers and staff.
“Caseworker Goodman is an excellent caseworker and a major asset to Unit Team. Goodman maintains a static caseload and helps with the daily operations in the Special Needs Acclimation Program (SNAP) unit. Goodman goes above and beyond to help with the mental health offenders in the SNAP unit. Goodman is a team player that is willing to assist any offender or staff member. Goodman brings a lot of knowledge and understanding to the job and genuinely cares about the progress and potential of the offenders. Caseworker Goodman maintains a good rapport with both staff and the offender population. Caseworker Goodman recently submitted and won the logo contest that will represent the partnership between the DOC and The Carey Group and their goal of reducing recidivism,” stated his supervisor, Casework Manager Spurgeon.
“Caseworker Goodman consistently goes out of the way to assist staff and offenders with any task that is requested of him. Goodman has a full caseload and continues to do open door with the mental health offenders in SNAP all day while in the office. Goodman also goes over to training to assist with teaching a class to staff as often as possible. Goodman never tells anyone no when asked to help with anything. Goodman never complains and continues to have a positive attitude each day despite the working conditions we are sometimes faced with. Goodman completes work duties in a manner that exemplifies a genuinely caring human being. Goodman is honest, hardworking, kind, helpful, intelligent, and compassionate. Goodman continues to go above and beyond each day in his duties and I would recommend him for this nomination every month if I was able to,” stated his fellow Caseworker, Sarah Vinardi