Tiger Cubs win county

At Clover Meadows


Greencastle 163
Cloverdale 185
South Putnam 193
North Putnam 226

Greencastle – Jake Bennett 37, Conner Taylor 41, Jaxon Parmley 41, Kyle Tesmer 44, Benton Parmley 46

Cloverdale – Drew Boyette 42, Jason Miller 42, Wyatt Helterbrand 50, Michael Holsapple 50, Tyler Harrison 55

South Putnam – Moritz Scholl 45, Ryan Neumann 45, Justin Pitts 50, Lee Haywood 53, Marcus Robinson 54

North Putnam – Hunter Rudes 52, Peyton Myers 55, RJ Batchelor 58, Marcus Burdine 61, Kyren Long 64

Jake Bennett GC
Conner Taylor GC
Jaxon Parmley GC
Drew Boyette CL
Jason Miller CL
Kyle Tesmer GC
Moritz Scholl SP
Ryan Neumann SP

Clover Coach Doug Wokoun comments: It might have been the best day of the spring so far. The staff had the course in excellent shape, and it was a great day for Putnam County golf.

Drew had a decent round, but ran into some trouble a couple of times. He persevered and finished well. Jason played the round we were all waiting for. He is a capable player and finally put together nine holes. I was very happy for him and glad to see him have success. His effort was a needed complement to what Drew has been doing for us.

Michael and Wyatt both had some good stretches during the round, but battled consistency issues. They both felt they could have scored better, which is always a good thing. If they can see the places they need to clean up, they will get that done. Tyler had a very rough start, but did some things well as the round progressed. It is still an issue of consistency for him as well.

Jake Bennett played an excellent round of golf. He has worked very hard and is a very deserving champion.

Cloverdale (7-6) plays at Rolling Meadows Saturday in the WIC tournament.

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