100 Women Who Care Is Seeking New Members

100 Women Who Care of Putnam County is seeking new members. Women that are ready to lead, recruit and revitalize! There have been over 150 women involved in 100 Women Who Care throughout the last 4 years. We’d love to see major growth in the coming year! With that stated, we need your help to bring in women that you know that enjoys socializing and philanthropy. Creating a large impact for 4 different PUTNAM COUNTY non-profit organizations, while building an endowment for future projects. This past year, we’ve been able to bless many groups PLUS we gave our first endowment payout to the Greencastle Civic League in which they turned back around and gave it to Main Street to help with the fabulous Holiday decorations around town! So, invite your board members, bring your family, friends and neighbors. The more women the more laughter and joy it brings in giving back.

Announcements for 2018:
1. A $50 discount will be given for members that have a spouse in the 100 Men Who Care Chapter membership? (Your $50 membership would go directly into the 100 WWC endowment fund)

2. Women who are 35 years of age and younger qualify for a discounted membership and contribution? ($250.00/year: break down =$25 endowment/$25 operating, then $50 to each winning organization over the 4 quarters)

3. Beginning with the 2018 winning 501c3 organizations, there will be a 2 year waiting period to become eligible for nomination again. (i.e. if your organization wins February 2018, they would not be eligible again to be nominated until February 2020)

Stop in or mail your membership form to:

The Putnam County Community Foundation
2 South Jackson Street
Greencastle, IN 46135