Greencastle Common Council meeting recap

On Dec. 14th at 7 p.m., Greencastle Common Council conducted it’s regular meeting with 6 of its 7 members in attendance.  Mayor William Dory and Clerk-treasurer Lynda Dunbar were also in attendance.  In new business, Resolution 2017-18 authorizing transfer of appropriations and encumbrances for the 2017 budget was unanimously approved.  In other new business, the City of Greencastle will be applying to participate in the FAA U.A.S Integration Pilot Program.  The program is designed to help Unmanned Aerial Systems operators (better known as Drone Operators) to partner with local and state governments to advance drone operations and review potential benefits of drone use.  For more info go to WWW.FAA.GOV.  Results of the application process expected early Spring 2018.