Traffic Stop Reveals a Reindeer Passenger

Every now and then, a traffic stop reveals something other than traffic or criminal violations. This was the case this morning on westbound Interstate 74 near State Road 39 in Hendricks County. 

Master Trooper Don Farris of the Putnamville Post stopped a white 2014 Dodge van for a minor traffic violation and identified the driver as Christopher T. Hansen of Indianapolis, Indiana. After issuing Hansen a warning, Hansen asked M/Trooper Farris if he wanted to look at his reindeer passenger in the rear of the van. Farris took a look and sure enough, it was an adult reindeer. 

Hansen explained he has a business, Silly Safaris Shows Inc. of Indianapolis, IN. and he was on his way to Attica, Indiana (Fountain County) to put on a show at an elementary school. 

Pictures were taken and pleasantries were exchanged, thus enjoying the spirit of Christmas, and reminding all of us that you just never know what will transpire during a traffic stop along our highways.