Former Pacer, Louisville apart of latest NCAA scandal

Four assistant college basketball coaches were among those arrested
on federal corruption charges after they were caught taking bribes
to steer NBA-destined players toward certain sports agents and
financial advisers. Auburn’s Chuck Person, Oklahoma State’s Lamont
Evans, Arizona’s Emanuel Richardson and USC’s Tony Bland were the
assistants named in court documents along with James Gatto, the
director of global sports marketing at Adidas. One of the more
interesting parts of the complaint against Gatto involves
Louisville, including payments of $100,000 from a sports apparel
company to the family of an “All-American high school basketball
player” to ensure he’d sign with the school. The only player to fit
that description who committed to a school that Adidas sponsors in
June is Brian Bowen, who is currently enrolled at Louisville. The
Cardinals are already under probation due to a sex scandal.

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