Tiger Cubs finished third

Team Scores:  Edgewood 219, Cascade 219, GHS 240 Edgewood wins on 5th score 71 Cascade 61 Edgewood

Ind. Scores:  GHS:  Nally 53, Shuee 54, White 66, Ramey 67
Stephen Paquin Comments:  The Tiger Cubs lost to Edgewood and Cascade at Windy Hill CC on Wed.  The Cubs played without their #1 player Macey Masten due to illness which meant they had to score their 4 players against 5 for the other teams.  Youth and inexperience proved it’s difficult to score only using 4 scores.  The girls played to their averages, but missing their low scorer proved too much.  Hopefully Macey will be back soon and put the Cubs back to full strength.
Next Match:  Thurs. at Forest Park vs Northview and Crawfordsville at 4:45 p.m.
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