Eagles fall to Patriots

On Thursday the South Putnam volleyball team fell to Owen Valley in four sets with the scores of 20-25, 5-25, 25-20, 13-25.


Points- Chloe Custis-7, Miranda Bieghler & Grace Burdge 6 each, Caitlin Capps-5, Aubrey Hill & Brianna Robinson 4 each.


Aces- Miranda Bieghler, Chloe Custis, Grace Burdge, Caitlin Capps 1 each.


Kills- Caitlin Capps-4, Miranda Bieghler-3, Grace Burdge-2


Set assists- Miranda Bieghler- 4, Chloe Custis-3


Blocks- Caitlin Capps-1


Digs- Brianna Robinson & Grace Burdge 6 each, Miranda Bieghler & Masey Chambers 5 each.


Coach Rachelle Custis said, “In the 2nd and 4th set we had too many minor errors.  Unfortunately, having too many minor errors made a huge gap in the score.  On serve receive and attacks we didn’t position our bodies in the middle of the ball, which made us attempt to save too many plays.  However, the girls didn’t let the first two sets distract them- they fought harder in the 3rd set to take the win.”

The Eagles’ JV fell to Owen Valley in two sets with scores of 20-25 & 16-25.


Points- Saydee Proctor-8, Chloe Custis, Abby Teipen & Bree Mahoney-Sutherland 4 each, Brionna Egold & Karlie Maynor 1 each


Aces- Abby Teipen- 1


Kills- Brionna Egold-3, Saydee Proctor-2, Chloe Custis & Karlie Maynor 1 each


Set assists- Abby Teipen & Chloe Custis 3 each




Digs- Gracie Nees-6, Brionna Egold-5, Karlie Maynor-3, Bree Mahoney-Sutherland-2, Saydee Proctor & Eva Hubbard 1 each