Man Attempts to Trick Police and is Arrested for Possession of Meth

Sunday morning Rockville Police spotted a Black Grand Am with its parking lights on, in the parking lot of First Baptist Church on US 41 south of Rockville. When the driver saw the Police vehicle, he left and went north on US 41. The Officer followed the vehicle and it turned on to east of US 36. A license plate check came back as white Ford auto. The Grand Am continued through Rockville and sped up to 65 mph on the east side of town. The Rockville officer turned on his red and blue lights and the vehicle turned into the turn lane at Billie Creek Road, going too fast for the corner and almost hitting a stop sign. The Grand Am pulled into the Billie Creek Village parking lot. The Rockville officer asked the male driver for his driver license and registration. The driver pulled his billfold out and did not have a drivers license and could not find the registration for the vehicle. The driver identified himself as Bobby Phillips, and said his license was in a backpack in the trunk of the car. The Officer asked the driver to step out of the car to retrieve his driver license. When he opened trunk and the back pack, the officer saw a gun. The officer immediately detained the driver and called for assistance from the Parke County Sheriff’s Department. A search of the driver found 18grams of Methamphetamine, and further investigation found that the driver’s real name is Billy Joe Phillips. Phillips was arrested for Possession of Methamphetamine, Driving as a Habitual Traffic Violator, Possession of a Handgun Without Permit, False Identify, and was written a citation for False or Fictitious Registration. Billy Phillips bond was set at $50,000.00.

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