Pacers F George, 76ers G Henderson fined

Indiana Pacers forward Paul George and Philadelphia 76ers guard
Gerald Henderson were each fined $25,000 by the NBA for their
actions during Monday’s game.

George was fined for public criticism of the officiating on
Wednesday following the Pacers’ 120-111 victory over the 76ers.
Henderson was fined for throwing an elbow to the head of George
with 2:59 remaining in the fourth quarter.

George stood over Henderson after a collision earlier in the
quarter, with the officials handing each player a technical foul.
Henderson elbowed George on a drive to the basket with 2:59 left in
the contest, drawing a flagrant foul 2.

George also received a technical on the play, drawing the ire of
the All-Star after the contest.

“You’ll know how I feel about the officials and tonight I really
have no faith in them,” George told the IndyStar. “I’ve been
warning them all night what (Henderson’s) going to do, stuff he’s
doing and they allow the (expletive) to go on. He was throwing jabs
and punches at my stomach all night and I didn’t retaliate until
late in the game when they weren’t doing (expletive) about it.”

“So he pulled me down, I get double technical for doing nothing and
then he throws an elbow at my neck and I get another tech for
nothing?” George said. “I really don’t have no respect and nothing
is there for the officiating. (Expletive) officiating job. I don’t
care about him. It’s the fact that they let him do that. That’s the
problem I have.”

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