Sheriff’s Department Follows-up on Discovery of 500 Hypodermic Needles

On April 2nd, a Putnam County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to Albin Pond Road after the department received a call from a bystander that reported finding bags and several hypodermic needles in a ditch on the side of the road. When the deputy arrived on scene he investigated the contents of the bags. The deputy discovered over 500 uncapped hypodermic needles and other diabetic supplies. Authorities believe that the needles were not used for illicit drug use. Proper precautions were taken to remove the needles from the area. Earlier this week, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office decided to follow-up on this incident. Scott Stockton personally took a work detail of inmate workers to rake the area where the needles were found to be sure that all of them were removed. The work detail only recovered two more needle caps. Also in regards of this incident the Putnam County Health Department is reminding the public of the risks associated with unsafe disposal of sharps which include needle stick injuries and the potential spread of blood borne infections. This is why the West Central Solid Waste District and the Parke, Putnam and Montgomery County Health Departments have teamed up to provide free needle clippers to the public. The needle clippers can safely store 1,500 needles. All you have to do to get your needle clipper is show up at the Putnam, Parke or Montgomery County Health departments and request one. When the clipper is full you then exchange it at the health department for a new one. Contact information for each department can be found on this article on

Parke County Health Department: (765) 569-6665

Putnam County Health Department: (765) 658-2782

Montgomery County Health Department: (765) 364-6440.

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