Clovers and Tiger Cubs in Northview Invitational

Northview Invitational
Team scores — Terre Haute South 313, Terre Haute North 326, Cascade 344, Greencastle 345, Northview 345, Clay City 352, West Vigo 366, Edgewood 372, Cloverdale 380, South Vermillion 382, Sullivan 385, Turkey Run 385, Linton 398

CLOVERDALE – Zach Nichols 86, Drew Boyette 89, Zarek Wellington 100, Tyler Harrison 105, Wyatt Helterbrand 119

Coach Doug Wokoun’s comments: For a first time out, I thought our guys did a pretty good job. Getting outside to get course work has been frustrating at time this spring, but we did a lot of good things. We left quite a few strokes on the course, but much of the mistakes are correctable. Zach and Drew had very good front nines, but faded a little. Zarek had some good holes on both side sides, but found some difficulties that made several holes higher than we would like. Tyler had a stretch where he lost some confidence and took some penalties, but he bounced back on the last few holes. Wyatt’s score does not indicate it, but he has made great progress from his freshman year, and his score is probably the most deceiving.
We were very pleased to have a great day to play, and I think that we have an eagerness that will lead to good things. Our guys know that they have to improve some things, but they all did enough things right to make all of us think that we will see some good progress. Our biggest concern this week is weather, as both days we have matches are predicted to be wet. We really need to play, both matches and practice, to get things corrected.

Cloverdale will visit Rea Park Monday to play West Vigo and Clay City.

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