Dean of the DePauw School of Music Adyn Adler No Longer Working at DePauw

As of Tuesday, March 14th, the Dean of the DePauw School of Music, Adyn Adler, has left her position at DePauw. Additionally on Monday, March 13th Caroline Jetton the associate dean of the School of Music, Jenifer Soster aide to the dean, Toni Robinson director of admission, and Steven Linville director of operations all vacated their positions. President of DePauw Mark McCoy held a meeting for the students of the School of Music last night to assure them that this sudden loss of leadership will not affect their education. The current plan to keep things stable is that Anne Harris, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, and returning Caroline Jetton will be teaming up to run the School of Music. President McCoy also intends to hire a temporary dean for this next school year which should stabilize things while DePauw searches for a permanent dean.

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