The Jail and Bail Scam Continues to Strike the Wabash Valley

The Jail and Bail Scam continues to victimize elderly citizens in the Wabash Valley. Most recently in Sullivan County where two victims lost a total of $26,000, one for $16,000 and one for $10,000. In both cases, the targeted elderly victims were called and told that a grandson had just been jailed in certain parts of the US and needed a cash bond. The caller then put a young male on the phone who purported to be their grandson and most likely a coincidence, sounded like their grandson. The original person then returned to the phone as a purported jail staff member and advised the elderly folks to “Overnight Cash”, via one of the two major US shipping companies provided, to a personal address in the Bronx section of New York City.

This scam has been around for some time and the Indiana State Police Putnamville District wishes to remind citizens to again be aware. If you are elderly and unsure what action to take, request another family member or trusted person to assist you in gathering the facts and determining what to do. If there are no family members available, citizens can also call local, county, or state police for assistance. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true or bizarre in nature (like mailing cash overnight) it probably is a scam. If anyone else in the Putnamville area believes they may be a victim, they are urged to contact ISP Master Trooper Polly Blackburn or Trooper Justin Bell at the Putnamville Post 765-653-4114.

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