INDOT Ramping up Efforts to Address Potholes

Temperatures fluctuating above and below freezing the past few weeks have created prime conditions for potholes forming on Indiana roadways. To deal with potholes in the most aggressive and efficient manner, the Indiana Department of Transportation will allow crews throughout the state to close travel lanes when and where necessary during daytime hours, including during peak travel times for priority repairs. Where possible, crews will limit their daytime work hours and try to avoid working in travel lanes carrying traffic in the peak direction during peak times. However, motorists may encounter maintenance crews making priority repairs any time of the day or night. If you happen to be driving when INDOT crews are patching a pothole be sure to be alert, slow down and give the workers safe space to do their jobs. You can report potholes directly to INDOT by going to and clicking on the “Report a Concern” button.

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