Watch Out for Utility Scams

Keep a sharp lookout for utility scams this year as scammers across Indiana have ramped up their efforts to con consumers out of their money. Victims of utility scams typically report that they received a call from what appeared to be their utility  provider. They learned later that it was a scammer impersonating their utility provider by spoofing their phone number to appear legitimate on caller ID. From there the scammer tells the victim that they are past due on their bill and demands to receive payment otherwise they will shut down their service immediately. If you receive a phone call like this keep in mind that utility companies are required to notify you with a written notice before service is shut off. They will also never demand that you pay over the phone using a pre-paid debit card or money order. If the caller is demanding payment to be received in this way hang up immediately. If you are unsure whether a call is legitimate you can always hangup the phone and call your utility company yourself and find out if the debt is legitimate.

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