Colts leave no margin for error in playoff chase

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Fresh off a 22-17 home-field loss to AFC South rival Houston on
Sunday, the Indianapolis Colts find themselves in a precarious
position heading into the final three weeks of the regular season.

Once in a three-team tie for the division lead with Houston and
Tennessee, the Colts are now on the outside looking in when it
comes to their chances of earning a spot in the playoffs.

“Obviously, we had a great opportunity. We fought ourselves back in
this race to be put in this position and we didn’t take advantage
of it. There are a lot of things that went wrong out there,” head
coach Chuck Pagano said.

“Again, it all starts with me. We did some good things, some
sudden-change stuff on defense after some turnovers and forced some
field goals to keep it tight. So there were some good things. There
are always some good things. We couldn’t slow down the run.”

The fact that Indianapolis couldn’t take care of business on their
home field against a divisional opponent hurts.

“It is very, very disappointing to say the least. We have a bunch
of guys that are hurting. But that is how it goes and we had
opportunities. We had a bunch of opportunities. A bunch of guys had
opportunities to make plays and they (Houston) made them and we
didn’t,” the Colts coach said.

“We have a ball game coming up (against the Vikings). We have three
left. I don’t have a crystal ball, none of those guys have a
crystal ball. I don’t know what is going to happen. All we can
worry about is us. We will go back to work like we always do and
get ready for the next one.”

Pagano’s goal now is to figure out a way to get past Minnesota.

“I don’t have a crystal ball. All we can do is like we always do
and that is getting over this in a hurry. There are so many things
that can happen (in terms of the playoffs). We all see it, we all
know it. We will keep moving forward, we will keep preparing, we
will keep charging. We have great leadership in that locker room,”
Pagano stressed.

“We have men of character and we have tough guys. We have guys that
are determined and obviously they are extremely upset at the
outcome. It is not what we all anticipated and what we were working
for but it didn’t work out. Sometimes that is just how life goes.
You dust yourself off, you pick yourself up and you keep moving

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