Deputies Save Life of a Heroin Overdose Subject with Life Saving Drug

On November 24th at approximately 5am, the Parke County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from a citizen in Montezuma reporting that two males had overdosed on heroin. Detective Michael Pivowar responded to the residence and located a 38 year old male subject laying on the ground in the driveway outside of the residence, who was unresponsive, not breathing and had a weak pulse. A second subject was also located outside the residence and Detective Pivowar learned that he had not used any of the heroin yet and was not suffering from any opiate effects. The detective administered Naloxone HCL, also known as Narcan, through the subject’s nose, which temporarily reversed the effects of the opiates, and began CPR on the unconscious male. First responders from the Parke County EMS later arrived on scene and assisted with treatment and was successful with reviving the male subject. The detective recovered syringes at the scene and the investigation is still ongoing.

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