Putnam County DAR Good Citizen Competition Details

Administrators and Faculty from the four Putnam County High Schools will be working with the Washburn Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution to select one member from each senior class to represent his or her school in the Putnam County DAR Good Citizen competition. The information from the Putnam County winner will be submitted in the statewide competition. The students will be selected for having a variety of interests, making positive contributions to home, church, community and possess such qualities as dependability, honesty, leadership, cooperation, self-control and initiative. Each contestant must write an essay about the responsibility of a good citizen and submit 4 years of grade transcripts and two letters of recommendation. The 2016 competition will be held on December 7th at the Putnam County Library at 3pm when the individual good citizen will read their essays for the assembled DAR members, parents and school administrators.

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