I-70 Shooting Case Comes to a Close After Last Sentence

The case of the I-70 shooting that occurred in Putnam County back in May has finally come to a close with the sentencing of Stefon Woods. Woods was given a plea agreement to plead guilty for the charges of possession of cocaine. The charge of assisting a criminal was dismissed. The final sentence will have Woods behind bars for 6 to 30 months in jail. However Woods has already served 172 days in jail which means he will be released in 8 days to serve probation in Ohio. Wood’s involvement in the shooting was driving to the Putnam County Hospital and dropping off the victim at the hospital before speeding off. The victim was Mario Edwards, age 33 of Columbus who suffered 2 gun shot wounds by Markus S. Yeanay. Once Edwards was dropped off at the hospital he succumbed to his wounds and died. Later, both Woods and Yeanay were arrested at the Greencastle Walmart’s parking lot. Yeanay has already been sentenced to 9 years in jail as part of a plea agreement that occurred in September this year.

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