Greencastle Thieving Couple have Pretrial Date Set in December

A couple of thieves will be facing charges of theft after robbing $2,700 worth of products from the Greencastle Walmart. The incident began on Monday, October 24th when the couple cut a hole in the fence of Walmart’s garden section. From there the couple grabbed a cart and began filling it with TVs and other electronics. Then after the cart was full they took it back through the hole and to their truck where they offloaded the stolen goods and sped away. Later a Walmart assistant manager discovered the cut in the fence and called local authorities. Greencastle Police Department investigators arrived on scene and checked the security footage which recorded the theft. From there the suspects were identified as Ryan Basler, age 31 and Chelsay Dickerson, age 24 of Greencastle and were arrested at their residence on Avenue D and booked into the Putnam County Jail. The couple’s pretrial has been set for December 18th at the Putnam County Courthouse.

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