Brazil Police Address “Clown Mania” on Facebook

The Brazil Police Department has recently made a post on their Facebook page addressing all of the fears of suspicious clowns in the area. The Facebook post reads “Since Facebook has gone wild with rumors over “Clown Mania” it has become necessary for the Brazil Police to post an informational statement to put some of these rumors to rest. This past week, police had a complaint of someone dress like a “clown” who came to the door of a residence on the southeast side of town asking for candy. The same “clown” supposedly went back to the same house two more times that evening and when he left the last time, one of the residents said they thought they heard a “child scream”. The post goes on to clarify that there have been no reports of child abductions in the Brazil and Clay County area. The post also goes on to say that “since the this initial call, there have been a few calls from people who say that they have seen someone dressed like a clown in different parts of the city and county in the late night to early morning hours, however there have been no abductions, No sexual assaults, no break-ins or any other crimes concerning these calls.” The police signed off on the post by saying “Police are NOT asking people to stay inside their homes or to keep their children inside. This is a Facebook scare that has blown itself out of control and continues to grow with each post and has the city in a panic for no reason.”

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