Dixon heads to Regionals


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Cougar golfer Taylor Dixon managed to reach another one of her goals this year by advancing out of the Crawfordsville sectional as an individual to play in the Roncalli regional site at Smock Golf Course next Saturday, September 24. This is the first time NPHS has had a  girl’s golfer advance to regionals as an individual since Alyssa Simpson did so in 2006.

Overall, Taylor’s play of the day was her normal flow of play and perhaps encountering a few tough situations. Her drives were working fairly good for her, along with her mid-range shots. However, her short game of pitching and putting will definitely need improvement before heading to Smock golf course on Saturday. Some of her striking problems for the pitch shot did not get better until near the end of the tournament. Once she figured out her problem, her last five holes showed better striking on the pitch shots. Putting created problems for the first nine holes while the greens were still fairly wet. As the sun stayed out, putting then got better and more balls were dropping and not stopping short.

At the start of the day it was still yet undetermined as to whether the sectional would even take place. Heavy rain throughout the early morning and up to ten minutes before the 8:30 tee off time, made all participants wonder if they remain or go home and come back Monday. Starting only ten minutes late, however, the rain basically stopped. Cloudy skies continued to threaten the day but the sun finally came out around 1:00. Due to the rain, the course conditions were not at an optimum level for great scores. Playing lift, clean and place, playing in very wet sand bunkers with rake and place rule, playing with very little roll due to wet grass and thick rough, playing some relief on some holes due to diseased greens, and playing lots of casual water rules, all players were not feeling they were doing their best. These conditions definitely played a major factor in keeping most scores higher than normal.

So as Taylor heads into practice for the regionals, she knows what she can shoot in very abnormal course conditions, and only hope for a better playing day at Smock.

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