Vehicle Fire Situation Results in Semi Accident on I-70

On September, 12th a driver of a semi-truck with a vehicle hauler attached became the first responder to a burning vehicle situation only to have his semi struck. The accident occurred on I-70 near the 39 MM when the semi-driver George Donaldson, age 59 of Central Square New York was heading west on I-70 when he noticed a 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer that was on fire and smoking. Donaldson then pulled over his semi on the shoulder the trailblazer was on and attempted to assist with extinguishing the flames with a fire extinguisher located inside the semi. While attempting to put out the flames the Trailblazer began to roll towards the semi and made impact with a couple of the vehicles loaded on the semi’s vehicle hauler. The Trailblazer continued to roll and entered the westbound lanes before coming to a stop on the median. Later, firefighters of the Cloverdale Township Fire Department arrived on scene and were able to contain the fire and tow the trailblazer driven by Fidel Perusquia, age 46 of Indianapolis. Perusquia was cited on scene for driving without a license.

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