Rockville Man Guilty for Sexual Misconduct with Minor

Donald Troy, age 49 of Rockville has plead guilty to charges of sexual misconduct with a minor last Wednesday August 17th in front of the Putnam Superior Court Judge Denny Bridges. Troy will be sentenced on October 12th. According to reports Troy had sexual relations with a 14 year old female employee in Heritage Lake. The employee later reported Troy’s misconduct in June of 2015. During the investigation it was revealed that Troy had been receiving nude photos from the juvenile employee. When Troy had lost contact with the female employee he began contacting her friend about joining him and the first girl to stay the night at a hotel room in Plainfield and take them shopping. Troy also contacted a third female minor that was also an employee of his and began attempting to bribe her and make inappropriate sexual advances. Investigators requested a search warrant for Troy’s phone which revealed that Troy had replaced his old phone with a new one. The new phone had an internet search history of the Putnam County Prosecutor’s Office Staff and google searches on how to erase files permanently from computers and other personal devices.

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