Eagle Invitational wrap-up

South Putnam

From South Putnam Coach Rachelle Custis:

South Putnam went 2 for 2 during our Eagle Invitational today (best of 3 sets). The lady Eagles fell to Turkey Run with scores of 19-25 & 15-25 in the first match. The Lady Eagles Won against North Central by scores of 25-22 & 25-18 and North Vermillion with scores of 26-24 & 25-23. The Lady Eagles fell to South Vermillion by scores of 16-25 in both sets to conclude the tourney.

“The girls played well today and made significant gains. They continued to work hard and fight until the end. As a coach, that’s all I can ask for!” Coach Custis

Total stats from the four matches-

Drew Bratcher and Ashley Schroer 6 each, Lillie Stein- 4, and Miranda Bieghler & Lexi Vanihel 2 each

Caitlin Capps & Lillie Stein 13 each, Miranda Bieghler- 11, Aubrey Hill-4, drew Bratcher-2, and Jaylen Hughbanks & Lexi Vanihel 1 each

Caitlin Capps- 7, Lillie Stein- 5, and Drew Bratcher & Lexi Vanihel 1 each

Miranda Bieghler- 2 and Drew Bratcher, Aubrey Hill, Jaylen Hughbanks, & Lexi Vanihel 1 each

Set assists:
Miranda Bieghler- 21, Drew Bratcher- 14, Alex Bratcher- 1

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