Wednesday Consumer Warning: Severe Weather in Indiana Could Lure Home Repair Scammers

Hoosiers were hit hard by storms this week. If your home or property has been damaged, beware of home improvement scammers who may be looking to prey on your situation and swindle you into paying for shoddy, overpriced or unneeded work. Storm chasers are door-to-door home repair scammers who victimize people by urging immediate action or offering tempting discounts so that the customer doesn’t have time to fully vet the contract or the company. The storm chasers are often out of state contractors that swing into town and offer work right then and there, although it sounds convenient, it can be risky without thorough research. So far the Attorney General’s Office has received more than 985 complaints related to home improvement scams. For tips on how to avoid being scammed by storm chasers click on the link provided to you on this article below.


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