Tips for Keeping Pets Cool this Summer

The Humane Society has offered tips to help keep our four legged friends cool the remainder of the summer. Make sure your pets are well shaded outdoors with protection from the heat and sun, limit their activity in the humidity, keep your pets cool inside and out, by providing cold fresh water. Dogs are only able to cool themselves by panting or sweating through their paw pads, you can also help by keep dogs cool by wetting down their coats. Also, never leave your pets inside a hot car. Dogs die every year from being neglected inside a hot parked car, even for just a quick errand. On a 90 degree day, a vehicle can reach well over 130 degrees. PETA reports, brain damage and death can result from heatstroke in animals within only 15 minutes. If you see your pets becoming lethargic, get them to a vet quickly.

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