Roachdale Man Dies Days after a Severe Accident at his Home

Roachdale man, Robert “Kevin” Parker, 56, succumbed to his injuries Tuesday, passing away at Eskanazi Hospital in Indianapolis, four days after an accident at his residence led to Parker making contact with overhead power-lines. Parker had previously been reported as an unidentified man who was critically injured, on Friday, July 14th, as the television antenna he was either installing or removing made contact with power lines outside his Main Street home in Roachdale. The power-line contact also sparked a fire in the upper level of the home, which seven local agencies responded to, as well as Duke Energy. First responders from Roachdale Fire Department began CPR on Parker before emergency medical personnel arrived. Listed in critical condition as he was transported from the scene, Parker was taken by ambulance to Hendricks Regional Hospital in Danville before being airlifted to Eskanazi.

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