Warning: Faux Anonymous Video Calls for Rage Protests

A video has recently been put into circulation calling for nationwide ‘Day of Rage’ protests tomorrow, Friday, July 15th, rumored to have been created by the hacktivist collective Anonymous, however, the video is identical to a false rumor distributed in August 2014, just prior to the protests and riots in Ferguson, Missouri. The #FridayofSolidarity video essentially promotes nationwide rage of violence against law enforcement, but there’s some concern of its authenticity. Not only is the video not on the Official Anonymous YouTube Channel, but Anonymous tweeted at approximately 2PM today, Thursday, July 14th, to their @YourAnonNews Twitter account stating, “We denounced the Day of Rage, take from it what you want. We can say ‘told you so’ once no one shows up.” Snopes.com, regarded as a top rated scholarly and reliable resource for finding the truth of rumors, has devoted effort to comparing and analyzing the 2014 Ferguson video & recent #FridayofSolidarity video, attempting to find identifiable aspects of the Anonymous collective within the videos (link to Snopes article), as both videos were attributed to the group. On August 14, 2014, @OpFerguson, a Twitter Account allegedly regulated by Anonymous, tweeted, “There is no ‘Day of Rage’. There never was and we never announced one. There is a nation-wide vigil tonight.”

List of 37 US cities selected for rage protests is reportedly identical to the list released in 2014



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